What is OlyZaps?

OlyZaps allows users to swap (zap) any asset into sOHM or a bond directly through the Olympus App.
This is made possible through a collaboration with Zapper, which provides the back-end infrastucture for zapping.

How do I use it?

Head over to the OlyZaps section of the Olympus App and follow our step-by-step guide.
Note that OlyZaps for bonds is still being built out; you can only zap into sOHM for now.

Does OlyZaps save me gas?

OlyZaps combines a few transactions (token approval and swap) into a single transaction. As a result, there is less exposure to gas price volatility and the gas fees you end up paying should be the same or slightly less than performing all these transactions separately.

I am trying to use OlyZaps, but the quoted gas price looks expensive.

OlyZaps transaction may appear more expensive, but that is only because OlyZaps bundles all these transactions into a single, big transaction. If you add up the gas fees of these individual transactions, the math should work out about the same.
As mentioned in the previous entry, OlyZaps may end up costing less because you are not exposed to gas price volatility.