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What is Olympus Protocol?

Olympus is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain with the goal of establishing OHM as a crypto-native reserve currency. It conducts autonomous and dynamic monetary policy, with market operations supported by the protocol-owned Olympus Treasury.

OHM serves a need in the market gap between fiat stablecoins and volatile crypto assets, providing relative stability and scalability underpinned by the protocol’s Range Bound Stability (“RBS”) system. RBS is the flagship system of Olympus’ autonomous monetary policy.

What are reserve currencies designed to achieve?

  • Deep liquidity: reserve currencies are highly liquid and can be easily exchanged for other assets, products and services
  • Serve as a unit of account: Other assets are denominated in the currency
  • Preserve purchasing power: Provides its holders a stable, low volatility asset that grows at a steady rate over the medium-to- long-term.

Olympus DAO’s efforts in Treasury management, development of on-chain governance structures and prudent use of Olympus’ liquidity and Treasury assets will help to strengthen OHM’s stability to usher in the growth of the Olympus network economy.