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OHM and gOHM

OHM token

OHM is the native token of the Olympus protocol, and is fully-backed by the Olympus Treasury. Unlike other stablecoins, OHM is not pegged to any fiat currency. Instead, it is a free-floating "flatcoin" that programmatically and transparently enforces a price range using the Range Bound Stability (RBS) system. OHM aims to fill the gap between fiat stablecoins and volatile crypto assets, providing relative stability and scalability in a fully autonomous way with no off-chain dependencies.

OHM Contract Address: 0x64aa3364f17a4d01c6f1751fd97c2bd3d7e7f1d5

gOHM token

gOHM is the governance token of the Olympus protocol. gOHM can be obtained by wrapping OHM, and vice versa. The only use cases of gOHM today is for voting in governance and as collateral to take a Cooler Loan.

gOHM Contract Address: 0x0ab87046fBb341D058F17CBC4c1133F25a20a52f