Migrate Tokens (v2)

To prepare the roll-out of Olympus v2, users need to migrate their v1 OHM tokens to their identical v2 counterparts. You can learn more about the v2 migration from this FAQ page.

How to Wrap sOHM to gOHM

gOHM will be the first v2 token to roll out. Users can wrap their v1 sOHM tokens into gOHM tokens as part of the v2 migration.
1. Go to the Wrap section of Olympus App. Select gOHM under the drop-down menu.
Select gOHM
2. If this is your first time wrapping sOHM, you need to approve the smart contract to use your token. Click "Approve" and confirm the transaction on your wallet.
Token approval
3. After the approval transaction is confirmed, enter the amount of sOHM that you wish to wrap. You can also hit "Max" for the full amount. Then, click "Wrap" and sign the transaction.
Enter the sOHM amount
4. When the wrap transaction is confirmed, your gOHM balance will be updated. Please add the gOHM token contract to your wallet if you can't see it.

How to Migrate to V2

With our V2 migration tool, you can migrate OHM V1, sOHM V1, and wsOHM V1 to gOHM.
1. Go to the Stake section of Olympus App. You will see a notification on top if you have assets to migrate.
There are assets to migrate
2. Click "Migrate" and you will see the following UI:
Migration UI
3. Approve each of the available tokens and sign the transaction in your wallet.
4. Once all the tokens have been approved, click "Migrate" and sign the transaction.
Ready to migrate
5. When the transaction is confirmed, you are all set!
Migration complete