OlyZaps allows you to exchange (zap) any assets into sOHM or a bond in a single operation. This is convenient for users who want to take a position quickly.

How to Zap into sOHM

1. Go to the OlyZaps page.
OlyZaps page
2. On the "You Pay" field, select the token that you wish to zap into sOHM, and enter an amount.
Select a token
3. Click "Approve" and sign the transaction on your wallet. You need to pay gas for this transaction.
Token approval
4. After the "Approve" transaction has been processed successfully, click "Zap-Stake OHM" and sign the transaction. You need to pay gas again for this transaction.
Zap and stake
5. Your sOHM balance should be updated once the zap operation is successful. If you cannot find sOHM in your wallet, please add the sOHM contract address to your wallet.
Balance is updated
The "Approve" transaction is not needed when you zap from the same token next time.

How to Zap into Bonds

OlyZaps also allows users to zap into Olympus bonds (e.g. OHM-DAI bonds, CVX bonds) from any assets. This feature is currently in the works.