Olympus Pro
How to Bond
A guide on how to purchase a bond from the Bond Marketplace.
1. After choosing a bond from the Marketplace, you will be greeted with the bond page below. Make sure to connect your wallet first:
Connect your wallet first
2. After your wallet is connected, enter the amount of LP tokens that you would like to supply. You will be quoted an equivalent amount of the payout token in the "You will get" field:
Enter the amount of LP tokens
3. If you don't have the required LP token, you can click the link provided to acquire them:
Get LP tokens in your wallet
4. There is also a Zap Pro feature that allows you to obtain LP tokens in a single transaction:
Acquire LP tokens with Zap Pro
5. If this is your first bond purchase, you need to approve the bond contract to spend your token first. Then, you need to sign another transaction to actually purchase the bond:
Two transactions: Approve and Bond
6. Once the bond transaction is confirmed, you have successfully purchased a bond!
Confirmation of bond purchase
The "Approve" transaction is only needed when you purchase a bond for the first time; subsequent purchase of the same bond only requires you to perform the "Bond" transaction.

Multiple Bond Purchase

If the current bond is still vesting, buying another bond of the same type will reset the vesting period. This means any unclaimed rewards from the previous bond, vested or otherwise, will start vesting from period 0 again.
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